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Free Blog Marketing Tip #4

Article DirectoryUsing free classified ad services, leveraging the power of search engines and commenting on other blogs in your niche are excellent ways to market your blog for free, but there are even more powerful ways that can bring huge amounts of traffic to your young blog. This next tip can provide amazing results if handled correctly and will bring continued traffic for quite some time.

New article directories are born every day. The reason they are so abundant is because they are very popular resources for online marketers, bloggers and businesses. How? Dedicate the time to write one lengthy article packed with quality information about a specific topic you really know about and submit it to a few article directories. Within a few days, you will see a steady trickle of qualified traffic turn into a flood of visitors that are likely to enjoy your blog enough to subscribe or visit again.

Some of the better article directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, eHow and ArticleHub have excellent search engine rankings and show up in many searches bloggers and others make in their research efforts. And since they are “free” for others to use, I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said at least 1/3 of all blogs are updated with content strictly from article directories. That’s a lot of opportunities to get your informative, anchor-linked articles linking back to your site and acting as proxy referrals for your products and services. With the right article, you can seriously expect to get targeted traffic for many months to come in addition to the authority your article being reproduced all over the Internet brings.

Technically you shouldn’t submit identical articles to multiple directories, but if you change them at least 15% each time, you can submit your article to as many directories as you like without the Big G dropping the hammer on you. You can add extra paragraphs, trade out words for their synonyms, chop down the original as long as it remains relevant or do a thorough editing. In any event, spreading your niche knowledge in this way will trigger a growing number of visitors as it propagates around the web.

Writing articles also builds up your reputation as an expert. Though anyone can write an article, thorough, up-to-date articles aren’t the easiest thing to find. This scarcity creates the perception that articles are more professional compared to a blog. The resource box located at the end of these articles should be written to position you as an authority in the topic the article was written about. Readers who appreciate your article and are still interested in knowing more about that topic are very likely to click your link and may already view you as an expert despite it being their first time visiting your blog. It can’t get much better than that.

Many successful bloggers swear by building up a link page of long articles and using them as a quality resource area for your blog. Because they are only links on your site, you should definitely take the chance to submit them to the top article directories, as well. Another tactic you might consider is to offer these articles to other bloggers in your niche or who may have readers that might be interested in your products or services. The more places readers find your articles, the more you will be perceived as a thought-leader, and in the blogging game, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You can perform powerful marketing functions from and through your blog, but don’t neglect the leverage that sharing your knowledge has on others. Keep your overall goals in mind when writing and craft an article that will help you fulfill those goals. As long as your articles are of high-quality and not cloned all over the web, you can dictate what benefits your company is looking to see.

Content is still king in the Internet economy and there will be no shortage of demand for free articles any time soon. Dedicate yourself to create one article a week and in three months, you will have a resource that your competitors probably can’t contend with, not to mention a collection of articles pre-selling you and your products all over the Internet. Give away the information you can afford to share and show others why they’d be foolish not to come to your blog and read more.

Lastly, have pages on your site specifically made to welcome visitors from your articles and you’ll probably have your new visitors eager to try your products or services. Do it well, and they’ll be eager to refer you even more prospects. Not a bad trade for a few hours of writing an article that can still be valuable on your own blog. The tools bloggers have at their disposal are plentiful, but writing and submitting free articles is a highly recommended tactic I’ve seen bring amazing results time and time again.