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Free Blog Marketing Tip #2

Submit To Search EnginesEveryone knows about Google and how important they are to the search engine traffic your site gets.  What these same people don’t all know is that there is an easy way to submit your site to not only Google, but some of the other large search engines, as well.  Google may own nearly two-thirds of all search engine traffic, but with very little effort, you can make sure your website is indexed for the remaining third of searches.

First off, you should go to this link and submit your site to Google.  Simply input your URL, the site description you used in Small Business Blogging Tip #7, and the keywords you want Google to relate to your site, and click submit.  That’s it.  Now do the same for the other major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Ask and DMOZ.  Though that will get you indexed in the majority of all searches, depending on your industry, there are likely industry specific search engines that could bring you better targeted traffic in the long run.

Another good idea is to submit your name to some of the people search engines sprouting up around the internet like Spock, Wink and ZabaSearch.  These search engines won’t necessarily gain you a flood of traffic, but they are definitely important in maintaining your personal online reputation.  By having a say in as many of the search results that come up for you or your company, you will stay one step ahead in yet another facet of public relations affecting your business.