You’ve Been Invited!

Dear SLO Small Business Owner,

Imagine getting more new customers for a fraction of the price that other local businesses pay and with far less competition.

My name is Aaron Emerson, and for the past 10 years, I’ve helped numerous San Luis Obispo small businesses grow through the use of efficient and innovative marketing services.  And now, I’d like to help your business grow.

Chances are, you were invited to join this exclusive group because your business:

  1. Is currently spending money on local advertising
  2. Can get much better results from the money you’re spending on local advertising
  3. Is selling a product or service that would benefit from a promotion that gets more attention with no direct competition

With your help, I’d like to turn your your current advertising costs into more customers that buy more from you, more often.

To make this happen, all I need is YOUR COMMITMENT TO JOIN and I’ll do the rest.

There’s so much value in this opportunity, I’ll just lay it out in full detail and let you decide for yourself.  If you agree, simply reserve your spot below to secure the one and only slot for your specific category.

We all know there’s strength in numbers, but that’s not really true when you’re advertising your business in the same places as all of your competitors.  For example, in the Yellow Pages, your advertisement is directly competing with all of the other businesses that sell your products and services in San Luis Obispo.

But by turning this idea inside out and banding together with non-competing businesses, you can get exponentially more exposure with none of the competition.

By joining this exclusive local co-op, you’ll get:

  • more customers
  • a system for tracking these customers
  • a strategy for turning these customers into repeat customers
  • exclusivity in your category

And if you give me your commitment today, I’ll do all of the work, including improving your results each month and rolling out additional services to give you more value at the same low monthly price you lock in today.

The Opportunity

Available on a first come, first serve basis, you can secure your position on a MASSIVE 9×12 FULL COLOR POSTCARD like the one below.

As the only local business in your category, your monthly offer will be:

  • placed directly into the mailbox of 10,000 San Luis Obispo residences
  • inserted in a minimum of 20,000 New Times magazines
  • promoted locally through email, Facebook and other social media platforms

This postcard literally dwarfs everything else in the mailbox and is guaranteed to stand out unlike any other marketing promotion you’ve ever tried.  Here is what your offer will look like compared to everything else in the mailbox…

Have you ever had an advertisement with this much advantage over the competition?

Have you ever had an advertisement with this much advantage over your competition?

Wow, right?

This postcard is the absolute largest possible the United States Postal Service will deliver without folding!

Honestly, the only way you could get this same advantage is to do all the work yourself and mail out your own postcards, but it would cost you 5-10 times more money and far more time and effort than you’ll ever spend to improve your results each month like I will.

You see, there are two main factors in the response rate of your advertisements:

  1. VIEWS – how many people actually see your promotion.  Most people are blind to traditional print advertising, but your postcard promotion simply cannot be ignored
  2. STRENGTH OF YOUR OFFER – how compelling your offer is in getting someone to take action.  More than 90% of advertisements fail to include a benefit to the reader and a call-to-action, the two most important factors in any advertisement

By securing your place in this co-op, your offer will get more attention than ever.

And with my help, your offer will not only be stronger than ever, it will perform better over time and help you strategically grow your business instead of just giving discounts.

As organizer of this exclusive group, I will make it my personal mission to increase the value of your membership each and every month.

First Come, First Served

As mentioned before, this opportunity is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  I’m sending this offer to ONE BUSINESS in each of the following categories, but there are only 15 spots available and the offer will close as soon as 15 businesses commit.

The very first postcard offer is expected to be mailed the first week of November 2014.

The following types of businesses have been hand-picked as those likely to have the most success with this type of promotion, but there is only space for 15.  Once you join, no other business in your category will ever be invited, giving you 100% exclusivity!

Carpet Cleaning (reserved)
Frozen Dessert
Toy Store
Mattress Shop
Auto Repair
Hair Salon
Dinner Restaurant
Home Furnishing
Male Apparel
Female Apparel

Stop Competing & Start Standing Out

Your membership includes:

  1. A one hour consultation to uncover the very best ideas for your offers
  2. Custom design of your promotion to be used on the postcard and in social media
  3. Inclusion on the postcard, delivered to 10,000 local homes and in 20,000 copies of the SLO New Times
  4. Free split test of your offer – 15,000 postcards with Offer A and 15,000 postcards with Offer B (feel free to ask me about the benefits of doing split tests)
  5. Promotion of your offer through social media profiles developed specifically for this co-op group
  6. Complete exclusivity – lock out all other businesses in your category
  7. Ongoing improvements – through split tests, a growing social media presence and unannounced long-term bonuses, you can expect improved results the longer you remain a member
  8. Access to the Co-Op Mastermind Group – full access to me and all the other members will open a whole new world of possibilities
  9. No price increases…EVER — there are several PREMIUM ADD-ON SERVICES in the works, but you will never pay more than you commit to pay today
By giving me your commitment today, you are securing your spot in a local co-op of non-competing businesses.

As soon as all 15 spots are filled and the project is a go, I will send you an invoice for the amount you commit to today.  Once payment is received, we will set up a time to brainstorm ideas for the best offers and how to convert those customers into repeat buyers.

After that, I’ll do the rest.

There are no contracts and you are free to leave at any time, so it’s completely up to me to generate results.

While I cannot guarantee specific results, I do guarantee to do my best to grow your business and to provide all services exactly as explained.

And by joining, I can guarantee your business will stand out.  The postcard handles that part.

The rest is math and effort: setting benchmarks and making improvements as we go.

Hopefully you see the massive value in this offer.  If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them all before you ever pay a dime.

Reserve your spot now and I’ll be in contact soon!

Secure Your Spot Now!


Your invitation expires when the clock ticks down to zero and will be offered to another business in your category. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.