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Day 9: [Marketing Mindset Question 6] You Are In The Marketing Business?

Ok, just one more question and you’ll be in the right marketing mindset for good.  And don’t worry, this one’s an easy one.


True or false:

You Are In The Marketing Business?

Unlike the other questions you’ve answered so far, this one actually has a clear right and wrong answer.

Regardless of the type of business you run, your number one priority is customer acquisition, a function that is purely driven by marketing.

You’ve probably heard the term “work on your business, not in it”.  What that means is that instead of doing the daily administrative tasks in your job, it’s your job as the owner of your business to do things that build your business and make it run more efficiently.

And as we discussed earlier, marketing is the lifeblood of every business and your primary opportunity for growth.

So how do you become the marketer you were always meant to be?

The first thing you need to do is perform an internal marketing audit and inventory, which we’ll get into starting tomorrow.  Once you’ve identified all your marketing tactics, processes, activities and assets, you can start to see which ones are performing better or worse and work on improving or eliminating them.

From there, your job is to always look for new opportunities or ways of doing things to improve upon or replace what you’re currently doing.  This is what’s known as working on your business.  Everything else can be delegated.

So where do you look for these new opportunities and ways of doing things?  Innovation is everywhere, all you need to do is look around with a marketing mindset.

  1. 365 days to your small business success guy - ideaLook inside your own business.  Figure out who and what are your best performers and then apply the things they’re doing to the other people and processes in your business.
  2. Look outside your market.  Find other businesses offering similar products and services as yours that are having success outside your geographic area and borrow their processes.
  3. Look at other industries.  The biggest and best companies in the world get that way for a reason.  What is it that your favorite companies do better or different?  Can those ideas be applied to your business?

At first you may struggle to identify innovative ideas that you can put to use in your own business, but after awhile, it will become second nature and you will see inspiration everywhere and when you least suspect it.

And during those moments, you’ll see how easy it can be to grow your business when you embrace a marketing mindset and recognize that you are indeed in the marketing business.

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Look at everything today through the eyes of a marketer. What other processes can you adapt or adopt that other businesses and industries are using in their marketing? 
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