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Day 48: Your YOU List

What Are YOU All About?

You are the basis of your brand.

Every small business needs a catchy name and a logo with colors and fonts that reflect the values of the business, but your brand is so much more than that.

Today, more than ever, who you and the things you stand for are the brands that people buy into.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The five major elements of you that you should infuse into your business in order to reach maximum brand potential.

If you’ve already answered the question “Why are you in business?“, then you should be able to define the major elements of you that can turn your small business brand from boring to best seller.  If you haven’t, then today’s lesson will be invaluable to your brand-building strategy.

The good news is that you can build a better brand with absolutely no additional money.  You will however, need to look deeper into yourself than you’re probably used to, an exercise that thwarts a large percentage of small business owners from building the brand they dream of.

Are you ready to dig deep and discover the basis of your true brand?

answering your questions prevail prWhen you think of your favorite products and services, there are probably only one or two businesses that come to mind for each.  Quality is typically the most important factor, but your emotional connection to these businesses, while less tangible, may be even more important.

Apple, BMW, Nike and Starbucks became global brands thanks to the emotional connections they’ve made with their markets.  They also charge more money for their products than their competitors.

This is not a coincidence.

Sure these companies are big.  Really big.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same thing for your small business.  In fact, that’s exactly what you should do.  These companies have spent billions of dollars building their brands, and luckily, leaving behind the following gameplan for building a better brand in our modern economy.

The 5 Major Elements Of A Powerful Small Business Brand

  • Your Mission Statement – A mission statement is a formal written statement of your organization’s purpose and defines your focus in simple terms, avoiding corporate clichés and industry buzzwords. Your mission statement should define what your organization does today and what you want to accomplish by being in business.  Explain what problems you’re looking to solve with your business in a couple of short sentences.
  • Your Story – With the rise and proliferation of content marketing, having a story to tell is the catalyst for lead generation.  And not just any story.  You need a story that stands out, a story that makes you unique and gives consumers a reason to pay attention to what you’re writing about.  Craft your story to make it as easy as possible for them to interact with you and your business.
  • Your Voice – Developing your voice is all about giving a face to your business.  Whether you, your staff or a service-provider write your content, it needs to have a consistent voice that lets the personality of you and your business shine through.  Don’t just give readers something to talk about, give them someone to talk about.
  • Your Tagline – Taglines are one of the most memorable and enduring elements of any brand and are effective at conveying the value of your business. They also help keep your business in the mind’s of consumers long after they’ve heard or read it.  Ask your staff and employees for input if you’re having trouble developing a slogan you can use across all marketing channels.
  • Your USP – Often confused for a tagline, your unique selling proposition is an even more powerful statement of why someone should do business with you. The whole basis of a USP is that it is something that other businesses don’t, won’t or can’t do and can only be discovered as a result of researching your competitors. While you should only have one consistent tagline, you can develop as many USP’s as possible for use in different marketing campaigns and channels.

Building a brand for your small business can have a major impact on your bottom line.  Keep in mind that it’s far more powerful to market your business as a person and on a one-to-one basis.

Most local small businesses have a reputation for being generic; avoid the temptation to follow the crowd and aim to be unique. Companies who market with the perspective of an individual can gain a big advantage in the marketplace.

Do you know the story you want to tell your customers and the voice you want to use to convey your uniqueness?

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Boil down the values of your business by going through and clearly defining the five major elements of your business brand above. This should take approximately 60 minutes.

Have a question? Just ask in the box below!


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