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Day 46: [Plug Leaks] Conversion Leak List

Turn More Leads Into Customers

Once you’ve taken a critical look at the steps your potential customers take to become a lead, the next thing you need to do is convert those leads into buyers.  But how?

Relying on your products and services alone to convert leads is a losing cause.  With so many options, there are simply too many other choices out there to just leave it up to consumers to choose you.  If you want to create more customers, you need to have a plan.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The three best ways to convert leads into customers.

For most small business owners, the bottom of the sales funnel is all that exists.  Instead of looking at their entire sales funnel, they expect an ad in the newspaper to do all the work, from initial discovery of the business through making the sale.

It’s completely unrealistic.

Statistics show that it takes seven or more times hearing about your business before a potential customer even enters your store or visits your website.  And without a skilled salesforce, most of those who do visit either leave or buy once and never come back again.

So what can you do to convert more leads into customers that buy from you time and time again?

answering your questions prevail prThe best way to convert more leads into customers is to follow the daily marketing tips in this course.  By doing so, you’ll cover all your bases and develop marketing messages and processes that compel prospects to buy from you because you provide the most value.

But even with sound marketing principles in place, it’s still important for you to constantly test and improve your marketing funnel from top to bottom.

Follow these three powerful ways for converting leads into customers and enjoy maximum results from the bottom of your sales funnel.

The 3 Best Ways To Turn Leads Into Customers

  • Collect & Store Customer Information – If you don’t collect and store contact information from your leads, you’re leaving far too much of your business success up to luck.  Give prospects a reason to give you their name, phone number and other details and nurture your leads over time.  Learn to tell the difference between hot and cold leads and pay extra attention to those who are most likely to buy soon.  Be personal when following up by phone or email and be as helpful and generous as possible to earn the first sale.
  • Improve Employee Sales Skills – Your staff needs to be an extension of your passion and expertise.  Give them the tools and training they need to succeed at their jobs. Listening to sales calls, duplicating the practices of your best employees and holding regular team building exercises are all great ways to improve your staff’s closing skills.
  • Track Customer Purchase Paths – Getting inside the mind’s of your potential customers gives you a great advantage when it comes to improving your sales funnel.  Go through each step of your sales funnel critically to see what your prospects see.  Better yet, put tools in place that track exactly how and where your funnel works or breaks down.  Instead of spending time, money and energy on things that don’t perform, invest more in those that do.

All things being equal, consumers will choose the business they feel understands them best. But unless customers are constantly coming into your business, the only way you can get to know them better is to have a system in place to collect information and follow up with personal phone calls or emails.

You can also improve the bottom of your sales funnel, and your bottom line, by giving your team the tools they need to succeed.  You don’t even need to purchase expensive training materials, just pay more attention to what your best employees are doing and then teach the rest of your staff to do the same.

Information is power.  Learn from your customers and give them what they want.

What are you doing to improve your closing ratio to turn more leads into customers?

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Put together a plan to optimize the bottom of your sales funnel.  Include 2-3 ideas for each of the steps above. This should take approximately 60 minutes.

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