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Day 45: [Plug Leaks] Lead Leak List

How To Get More Leads

You’re probably spending plenty of money and time getting people into your store or to visit your website, so why not focus on converting the traffic that doesn’t buy now into warm leads that buy later?

This is a much easier task to do online, but you can mimic many of the powerful online lead generation tools for your local small business to drastically increase your profits.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: Five ways to optimize the middle of your sales funnel and turn cold traffic into warm leads by making it easier for prospects to contact you.

If you want more leads, make it easier for prospects to contact you.  It makes sense that all things being equal, a consumer will do business with the person that makes it easiest to do business with them.

And today’s consumer are far more savvy and do far more online research before making a purchase than ever before.

Are you making it as easy as possible for your prospects to contact you?

Too many business owners expect their products and services to sell themselves, but unless you have a unique offering that everyone is talking about, this strategy will eventually lead to failure.

answering your questions prevail prThe key to generating more leads is to provide more information than your competitors and to make it as simple as possible for potential customers to contact your business.  Doing either is good, but doing both is superior and is expected by today’s consumers.

If they cannot find what they are looking for, they will move on.

So do what you can to meet those expectations.  Implement these five easy ways to plug the lead leaks in your business and enjoy more leads, higher conversions and even lower advertising costs!

5 Easy Ways To Plug Your Lead Leaks

  • Build A Sticky Website – Not all websites are created equal.  In addition to good search engine rankings, your website also needs to be “sticky”, meaning it does a good job keeping visitors on your website.  Instead of a website that gets single page views, publish more relevant content that compels visitors to click multiple links. The longer a visitor stays on your website, the better the odds get that they’ll make a purchase and/or visit your store.  Be sure to include your email address and phone number at the top of every page.  Nearly half of all small business websites don’t and they pay for it with lost leads.
  • More Product Information – There’s a reason Amazon dominates the online retail space — they provide more product information and reviews than everyone else to eliminate as much risk as possible for consumers. There’s absolutely no good reason for you not to adopt this philosophy. Include all of the information available for your products, both online and in your store, and let consumers choose for themselves.  Generally speaking, whoever provides the most product and service information makes the sale.
  • Match Your Landing Pages – Another simple and cost-effective way to capture more leads is to develop matching landing pages for each of your specific pay-per-click campaigns.  When someone does a search online and clicks a search result or a PPC ad, they’re probably more interested in a specific product or service and not the business home page.  Sending all traffic to your home page is a mistake that forces visitors to search your site for what they are looking.  Make it easy on them with matching landing pages that solves their specific problem.
  • Optimize For Mobile – Businesses that jumped on the search engine optimization bandwagon first were able to dominate their positions for years.  Now, we’re in the midst of a second gold rush as consumers are rapidly giving up their desktop computers for mobile devices.  While this second gold rush won’t last as long, those who take advantage first will still reap the greatest rewards.  Optimize your website for mobile searches, which account for 45% of all internet searches, and include a click to call button for mobile users to contact you quickly and easily.
  • Add More Contact Options – It shouldn’t surprise you that a large segment of consumers would rather not make a purchase at all than actually call your business and have to talk to a live human being. The internet created new ways of doing business and it’s your duty to be versatile enough to serve those new needs. Add new ways for potential customers to contact you like email, live chat, online web forms and social media. Monitor these avenues and be sure to respond within one hour whenever possible — the business that responds to a customer inquiry first almost always gets the sale.

If you want more leads, make it easy for your potential customers to contact you.  Begin with your online presence, specifically your company website, and plug as many of the leaks above as you can.

With very little time and money investment, you can start capturing more of the leads that are currently choosing your competitors because they can’t find you.  Over the next few weeks, you’ll learn some more in-depth strategies to capture and generate leads, but take the simple actions above right away.

Have you tried searching for and contacting your business online?

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Pretend you’re a consumer searching for your business online.  Take notes of your findings and list a few ways you can plug the lead leaks above. This should take approximately 60 minutes.

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