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Day 35: 7 Drivers For Super Success

Drive To Success In A Straight Line

drivers for super success - prevail pr - 365 days to your small business successCongratulations on your completion of the Marketing Asset Audit.

If you’ve been springing into action each day, you’re sure to have a ton of new ideas and inspiration for your business, as well as a keen awareness of the marketing assets you need to invest in.

But like any great machine, your business needs fuel to propel it to ever higher levels of success.

Fortunately, there are some powerful levers you can learn and incorporate into your marketing to drive you to success and launch you past your goals.

Wouldn’t you rather get multiplied results for the same level of effort and even cost that you’re currently putting into your marketing?

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The seven marketing levers that will drive your business to super success and pave the way for exponential growth in your business.

Most people never hit their goals because they don’t have goals — they have dreams.

But with strategic marketing, there are expectations and a magic formula: Test/Learn/Optimize/Repeat .

It’s all about running a test, establishing a baseline, improving every step in the process and then doing it all over again.  By adhering to this magic formula, you can almost guarantee your success.  But if you supercharge your marketing with the right gas, you can enjoy exponential growth for your business for years to come.

Is your marketing driving growth, profitability and competitive advantage in your business?

answering your questions prevail prKnowing the right buttons to push is a competitive advantage in any endeavor.

If you’re spending money on the wrong marketing activities or ignoring emerging opportunities in your marketplace, you’re hurting your chances of success and making it easier for your competitors to surpass you.

Instead of leaving things to chance, learn these tried and true drivers for predictable marketing success that eliminate risk and multiply your efforts tenfold.

The 7 Drivers For Small Business Super Success

  • Passion – Your passion is the face of your business and comes through in things like your voice, story, mission statement and customer service.  It also inspires you to get up and do good work everyday. Are you passionate about your business, and if not, how can you relight the fire?
  • Innovation – The only thing you can expect in life is change. One way or another, innovation drives success in all areas of business. What can you do bigger, better, faster, cheaper or more efficient?
  • Leverage – The key to massive leverage is performing a thorough audit of your marketing assets and knowing where to focus your resources. Do you know what your best assets are and how to leverage them for competitive advantages?
  • Numbers – Knowing your numbers should be a top priority.  Marketing may look like an art, but it’s purely a numbers game sprinkled with some creativity. Do you have an idea of the lifetime value of your customers or how much it costs you to acquire them?
  • Value – Value is the glue that keeps your customers coming back and spreading the word about your business. Are you using superior service, education and market research to understand and deliver maximum value?
  • 80/20 – It’s true in life and in business: 20% of your efforts are responsible for 80% of your success. Knowing which 20% is a game changer.  Do you know your top customers, employees, products and marketing activities?
  • Reselling – Developing a backend system is a major opportunity for your business, but requires a reselling strategy that builds relationships without being overly promotional.  Is your content educating, entertaining and inspiring or just trying to sell stuff?
Your business is primed for a breakout year.  All that’s needed is the right fuel for the fire.

Pay close attention and take appropriate action over the next seven days as we take a closer look at each of these seven drivers for super success in more detail.

Are your marketing efforts bringing you the type of gains you desire?

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Go back and reread all the lists you created during your Marketing Asset Audit.  This should take approximately 60 minutes.

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