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Day 29: [Marketing Audit Asset 19] Content Calendar

Becoming Your Own Media Outlet

Creating and publishing great content for your business can be a lot of work, but it is the key to capturing more consumer attention and reaching a larger audience.  A strategic content calendar will keep you organized and help you establish a schedule that works for your business.

When you have a content calendar you can commit to, you’re well on you’re way to becoming your own media outlet.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The 5 major benefits of an effective content calendar and why you should create one for your business.

Successful media companies produce great content and have historically been the medium for capturing the attention of consumers.  

Between your company website and the reach of popular social media platforms, your small business now has this same power and you should be thinking the same way as big brands and major media.

Do you use content to capture the attention of your target market and reach a wider audience?

answering your questions prevail prBecoming your own media outlet isn’t as complicated as you might think.

First, think about what it is you want to say.  You can think of this as your story.

Next, think about how you want to say it.  Think of this as the different types of content you can create: blog posts, podcasts, videos, white papers, case studies, etc.  How does your market like to digest content?

Last, where do you want to say it?  Publish and promote your content to your customer list and throughout your online assets.

A content calendar will make all three steps easier.

5 Benefits Of An Effective Content Calendar

  • Improves Research – Great content usually requires a healthy amount of research and time investment. Assign publish dates and writers in advance to give them plenty of time to think of an angle, improve their knowledge on the topic and gather relevant resources without deadline pressures.
  • Improves Scheduling – Once you’ve created your content, you want to give your target audience access when and how they want.  For each piece of content scheduled in your calendar, assign the social media channels and posting times you want to use to promote it.
  • Improves Content – Don’t make the mistake of focusing all your resources in the direction you think is best without listening to the needs and interests of your prospects. Perform routine checks on the important metrics of your content to determine the type of content that performs best.
  • Improves Consistency – Organizing all your content in one place is a great way to ensure you don’t miss making content relevant for holidays, industry milestones and product releases. Populate your content calendar with all the important dates to your business and customers with reminders of when to get started.
  • Improves Writing – You may be a talented writer, but if you’re writing about the wrong stuff or under undue pressure, your target audience isn’t going to take notice and your writing will suffer.  Check your analytics and customer feedback for the best types of content to create and adjust your publishing schedule accordingly.

An effective content calendar cuts unnecessary time out of your content marketing strategy and helps you allocate your limited resources efficiently.  

Are you using a content calendar to consistently publish high-quality content that turns your small business into a media outlet?

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Spring Into Action: Download the “Content Calendar Template” and plan one month’s worth of content for your business.  This should take approximately 60 minutes.
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