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Day 28: [Marketing Audit Asset 18] Brand Recognition

Is Your Business A Brand?

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your business is to increase awareness of your brand.  And this is only possible when you take the time to build your brand.

Your local small business brand may not gain traction like Band-Aid or Xerox, but by building your brand and using it to let customers know about your business, you can generate more new customers more efficiently.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The 4 main elements of a good small business brand and how to increase your brand awareness.

Some brands are so powerful they become their category in their customers’ minds.  You probably call all adhesives Band-Aids.

But even local small businesses like yours can build better brands that are more well known within your target market.

Does your brand incorporate all of the strategic elements of a strong brand?

answering your questions prevail prBuilding a strong brand won’t just generate more new customers, it also increases customer loyalty.

And as the marketplace relies more and more on the internet for researching purchasing decisions, it’s more important than ever to start thinking strategically about your business brand.

Follow the checklist below to develop your brand, improve your marketing, generate more leads and create more loyal customers.

The 4 Steps To A Strong Business Brand

  • Develop Your Images – Your logo and signage are typically the first exposure people have to your business and and consistent imagery for marketing collateral like letterhead, business cards, websites and packaging continually build trust in your customer’s mind. Your images should positively represent your business and accurately fit your target market.
  • Develop Your Messages – Taglines and slogans are an effective way to express your brand memorably. Your brand’s core message must be simple, direct and consistent among all marketing channels while conveying what your company does and offers. Align messaging with your business goals by incorporating your mission statement into your ad campaigns.
  • Increase Your Repetition – Build top of mind awareness through repeated exposure and consistent delivery your products and services. Repetition creates an advantage in your market by helping customers think of your brand when entering a buying decision.  Repeat your brand and messaging across marketing channels your core customers use.
  • Expand Your Reach – Offering industry advice in blogs, news articles, industry publications, webinars, tradeshows or on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter gives your brand credibility and enhances your reputation.  Informally educating and entertaining your customers will boost your brand’s recall and recognition.

If you want a unique brand that connects with your customers, study your target audience and make it easy for employees to personify your brand.

Increase your brand awareness by developing images and messages that are consistent with your business goals and use repetition and reach to generate more leads and increase customer loyalty for long-term success.

Are you building your business like a brand or letting your competitors occupy the mindspace of your potential customers?

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Spring Into Action: Ask your customer and employees what they think about your logo and tagline.  This should take approximately 60 minutes.
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