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Day 26: [Marketing Audit Asset 16] Important Customers

Do You Know Your VIP Customers?

There are all types of customers and some are better than others.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you should always be focusing on your loyal customers, but there’s another type of customer that can really help your business stand out from the crowd.

In This Lesson You’ll Learn: The six different types of customers and which of those types you can use in your marketing.

Focusing on your best current customers is a substantial ongoing opportunity for your small business.  If you’ve been building and segmenting your customer database, you can very easily identify and cater to the customers that buy from you most.

If not, knowing the different types of customers will help you figure out who your best customers are, and if you’re really lucky, you might even uncover a customer that can be a VIP in your marketing, as well.

Are you aware of any local or national celebrities that frequent your business?

answering your questions prevail prThere’s something known as “The Oprah Effect” that turns unknown businesses and products into bestsellers.

Oprah has even mentioned several local restaurants on her television show and brought national recognition to those businesses.  You’re probably not lucky enough to have Oprah as one of your customers, but what about lesser known celebrities or prominent locals that can endorse your business and build trust and curiosity?

No celebrity customers? No problem.

You can use the customer types below to identify your VIP customers and start your search for an effective spokesperson.

The 6 Main Types Of Customers

  • Wandering Customers – These customers do not have a specific need or desire for your products or services and instead are allured by the experience of your business. You should not spend resources catering to this group, but developing a better customer service plan could attract more of them.
  • Need-Based Customers – These customers have a specific need for a specific product at a specific time. You should not spend resources catering to this group, but learning more about your customers through surveys will give you greater insight into better solving their needs.
  • Discount Customers  – These customers are highly-motivated by coupons and sales and not by your products and services.  It’s generally better to let your competitors fight over this group and focus on educating your customers to justify higher prices.
  • Impulse Customers – These customers tend to make purchases on a whim and are susceptible to seasonal and cyclical purchases.  This is a profitable group you can attract by diversifying your annual marketing plan.
  • Loyal Customers – These customers are a small minority of your business but generate the bulk of your profits. Focus the majority of your efforts on these customers for maximum growth.
  • Celebrity Customers – These customers are extremely rare, but provide your business with a huge opportunity.  Ask these locally or nationally known customers to serve as a spokesperson in your marketing to maximize trust, visibility and curiosity.

Not all celebrities are on television.

Look for a customer that is well-known, is highly-respected and has the ear and attention of your other customer groups.

Do you have any customers that you can turn into a local celebrity?

spring into action prevail pr small
Spring Into Action: Identify your most well-known customer and invite them to lunch to find out what they like most about your business.  This should take approximately 60 minutes.
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