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Day 2: Module 1 Action List

What You Will Learn In The First Section Of This Course

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, but bad marketing can literally ruin your business.  To guarantee positive results from your marketing, you must first build a solid foundation from which to launch your efforts.

By the end of the first module of this course, your marketing will begin to generate the results you need to grow your business for years to come. Here is a checklist for you to follow along:

Marketing Audit – Do you have any current marketing assets that you are overlooking or otherwise not putting to use?  We will walk through the 24 most important assets that may already be in your business and show you how to leverage each and every one of them.

Marketing Mindset – Now that you know what to look for, you need to get in the right frame of mind for marketing your business like you mean it!  Find out which of these six vital marketing mindsets you’re ignoring.

Drivers For Success – Having the tools and the mindset alone are not enough to guarantee success.  You’ll also learn how to maximize your marketing efforts, bringing you multiple levels of success with no extra work or cost to your business.

Take The Leakage Test – Sadly, many businesses that fail do so because they do not identify and plug leaks that rob them of their profits and turn prospects into competitor customers.  Take the Leakage Test and run your business more efficiently.

Your YOU List – What is your business about?  Do you even know?  You will once you go through your YOU List, including your mission statement, story and voice.

Know Your Numbers – After you’ve given your business a story and a voice, it’s time to define the numbers that make your business go.  If you don’t know these numbers (and most businesses DO NOT), you are almost guaranteed to fail!

SWOT Analysis – Whether you think you have competitors or not, there’s a never ending battle for the attention of your potential customers.  By defining the strengths and weaknesses of the businesses and technology vying for that attention, you drastically improve your chances to succeed.

Market Research – If you have a website (and you should), you can learn a ton of valuable information from the analytics data that your site visitors leave.  Learn the five best on and offline tools for uncovering this data.

Demographics; Perfect Client Profile – Do you know the demographics of your customers?  Maybe.  Do you know the psychographics of your customers?  Probably not.  Knowing this information will give you a competitive advantage in all your marketing efforts and allows you to build a profile of your perfect customer.

Establishing Value – Now that you know your business inside and out, you can establish and build more value into doing business with you.  Find out how to provide superior service, educate your customers better, remove risk from doing business with you and focus on your very best customers.

Branding – While branding is an often overlooked part of small business marketing, it’s yet another area of improvement that can strengthen your business.  Find out how to brand your small business, including the tools to help you do so.

Customer Reactivation – At this point, you’re close to completing the first module of the course – but not before a small, but potentially highly-profitable test.  Find out how to reactivate inactive customers for an injection of fast profits.

Congratulations on completing the first module of this course and taking the most important step towards securing your future success.

If you have followed along this far and taken the recommended action steps, you’re ready to launch marketing efforts that are predictable, successful and scalable.

Take action!

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan


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