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Day 18: [Marketing Audit Asset 8] Awards & Certifications

Are You Leveraging Your Accomplishments?

So you hate to show off.  Do it anyway.  You owe it to yourself and to your customers to educate them about your special talents, skill set, passions and products.

In this lesson you’ll learn: The importance of social proof and how you can leverage your past accomplishments into future success.

Not all business owners are created equal.

Many are in business to make money and others are in business to put their specific talents to the very best use possible.  Along the path to your particular expertise, you may have picked up a few awards, earned some certification or be a member of some exclusive or not-so-exclusive group.

If so, let the people know!

Instead of letting your hard-earned recognition collect dust on a shelf or kept tucked away in a box somewhere, put them to work for your business.

5 Ways To Leverage Your Recognition

  • Teach What You Know – If you’ve earned certification in a specific topic, the best thing you can do with that knowledge is train the rest of your staff.  You may not be certified to train what you know, but your employees will be that much better at their jobs and may even find a new appreciation for what you do.
  • Build Team Camaraderie – If you want your team to work well together, do things as a team.  This can be recreational in nature, but you can also make training together fun.  By learning as a group, you’ll give your staff a new platform for speaking their minds and see hidden talents you may have never noticed otherwise.
  • Promote Icons On Your Website – Website visitors love icons.  And when they’re icons of industry organizations you belong to or training programs you’ve completed, they add another level of credibility that just might outshine your competition.
  • Distribute Press Releases – You might not be comfortable writing and distributing press releases about yourself, but it’s a common marketing tactic that can be a powerful lead generation tool.  Press releases are often used as the basis for local news stories and are also a great source for backlinks to your website which improve your SEO rankings.
  • Advertise Unique Accomplishments – Not all awards, certification and memberships are equal.  Many, like CPR training or Chamber of Commerce membership are easy to attain, but others may require a substantial commitment or specific skill set that is unique to you in your marketplace.  If so, use this information as a staple in your advertising.

Even if you’re not comfortable promoting yourself, strengthen your business and your staff with unique team-building exercises based on your previous accomplishments.  It’s a cost-free way to invest in your business and those you trust to help run it.

take action today
Spring Into Action: Make a list of five memberships, awards, certifications or other accomplishments you’ve earned or enjoyed recognition for over the years.  Refer to this list over the coming weeks and form a plan to use this information for promotion, training or both. This should take approximately 30 minutes.
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