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Day 15: [Marketing Audit Asset 5] Lead Generation Website

Is Your Website Your Trusted Sidekick?

Today’s business environment is changing faster than ever, but one thing remains clear: If you’re serious about success, you need a website to act as the hub of your marketing efforts.

Right now, your website is probably working against you instead of with you.


Because if your website is like most small business websites out there, it lacks the main features that transform it from your online business card to a lead generation machine.

It’s true, people will go online simply to find your contact information, but providing this information alone is no longer sufficient.  Too many of your competitors are leveraging the internet to grow their businesses, and that means taking potential customers away from you before they even get a chance to know you.

If losing customers does not convince you that you need a (better) website, here are a few more reasons for you to think about.

9 Reasons You Need A Better Website

Did you know 97% of consumers will research a local company online before they buy their products or use their services? In the near future it will be 100%.
  • Your Website Never Sleeps – When your business is closed, your website continues working faithfully through the night.  Are you satisfied with what a potential customer finds on your website when it is the sole source of information about your business?
  • Your Website Is Global – You may only see yourself as a local small business, but there’s a huge market outside your area that may be interested in your products and services.  Would you like more tourists to come through your door?
  • Your Website Builds Your Brand – The internet evens the playing field for even the smallest businesses. Even if you’re a one-man shop, your website is a necessary extension of your brand.  Is your website consistent with your brand and identity?
  • Your Website Provides Customer Support – You and your employees are probably wearing multiple hats as it is without having to worry about customer support issues your website can easily manage.  Does your website answer common customer questions and explain your return and guarantee policies?
  • Your Website Builds Trust – Your customers want a way to easily communicate with you on a one to one basis and find out what others have to say about your business.  Does your website provide social proof like testimonials and association memberships for potential customers?
  • Your Website Makes Marketing Cheaper – Unless you like throwing money away, you need a website to drive your marketing costs down.  Search engine traffic, blogging, contact forms and other lead capture devices are great ways to generate leads for less.  What marketing functions is your website performing?
  • Your Website Keeps Customers Informed – The best place to post new product information and company news is on your website.  Keep customers informed of all the changes your business is going through. Is your website up to date?
  • Your Website Generated New Customers – According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Your website significantly improves your customer reach regardless of the products or services  you offer.  When was the last time a customer referred to your website as their reason for buying?
  • Your Website Generates Revenue – The Small Business Administration also reports that small businesses with websites generate 39% more revenue per year than small businesses not online.  Are you generating revenue from your website?

In reality, there are many more reasons why you need a website that accurately reflects your business, automates much of your marketing and performs routine customer support issues.

Is your website a marketing priority for your small business?

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