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Day 14: [Marketing Audit Asset 4] Excellent Employees

You’re Only As Good As Your Team

Even the smartest, richest, most connected business owners need a good team to succeed.

You can’t and shouldn’t do everything yourself.

As the leader of your team, it’s up to you to make the important decisions and improve your marketing efficiency to bring in more and new customers for your employees to serve.  But finding and keeping the right employees can be a nightmare for all businesses, from home-based to Fortune 500 companies.

A Short Guide To Employee Management

Let’s take a look at how you can find and keep the best employees for your small business.

The 3 P’s Of Good Employees

  • Productive – Good employees are productive, self-starters with an eye for details.  They require very little management and are hard-working people that enjoy doing good work.
  • Passionate – Good employees are passionate, goal-oriented and driven to succeed, both for you and for themselves.  They champion your cause as if it were their own and expect you to believe in them.
  • Positive – Good employees are positive, patient and have a “can do” attitude that inspires both customers and the rest of your team.  They have the social skills and insight to nip problems in the bud.

Why You Can’t Find Good Employees

  • You Won’t Let Go Of Existing Employees – Before you can find good employees, you must first get rid of those who aren’t aligned with your goals.  You need to be willing to hire the best if you want to be the best.
  • You Over-Value Your Skills – If you’re trying to do it all, stop.  There are people that can do most of what you’re trying to do, better than you’re trying to do it — all you need to do is make the jobs available for them.
  • Your Business Has No Identity – You can put ads in the paper and on Craigslist, but if you have a weak business identity and no network, you’re making it hard for good employees to find you.  Branch out and promote the benefits of working with you.

Why You Need To Get Rid Of Bad Employees

  • They Destroy Morale – Keeping bad apples around is dangerous to your business.  They destroy the morale of your team and erode the internal culture of your company.
  • They Are Unproductive – When an employee is unproductive, they sap you of your resources and can make others feel they are working harder for no reason.
  • They Provide Bad Service – Customer service is often the difference between keeping and losing customers. When they don’t care, customers notice and are turned off from doing business with you.
  • They Destroy Your Authority – When you allow bad employees to make the rest of your team feel less appreciated, your good employees lose respect and trust in you.

How To Keep Good Employees

  • Don’t Overwork Them – Everyone loves a consistent pay check, but be sure not to overwork your employees and forget that they have lives outside of work. Value their time like your own.
  • Reward Them – A paycheck is the expected reward for work performed, but recognizing and rewarding exceptional performers is key to showing appreciation.  Maintain communication with your team and know who does what.
  • Be A Good Boss – All things being equal, people work for and with people they like. If your employees don’t like you or their supervisors, they already have one foot out the door.  Treat your employees like real people.
  • Promote From Within – If you want good employees to stick around, give them a long-term incentive and the right to more responsibility.  People want to live up to their potential; let them.

There you have it, a quick guide to find and keep good employees that are true heroes for your small business.

take action today
Spring Into Action: Your employees probably know what’s going on in your business better than you do.  Treat one employee a week to lunch and get to know them better while also rewarding them for a job well done!  This should take approximately 30-60 minutes a week.
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