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Customer Service As Competitive Advantage

What Customer Service Means To Me

When it comes to turning customer service into a competitive advantage, Mr. Marshall Field said it best – twice.

Sort of…

Every entrepreneur alive has uttered his most famous quote, “The customer is always right”, at one time or another, but it’s rarely upheld as law and has been reduced to cliché in the average consumer’s mind.

And his second most famous quote, “Give the lady what she wants”, is perfect for the retail world, but is irresponsible when it comes to service industries. What the client wants may very well be the wrong thing and reduce their chances of success.

To me, customer service means “giving the client what they need”.

It also means spending countless hours improving your skills and becoming an expert in your field so you can know (and deliver) what the client needs in the first place.

It means always looking for new ways to improve their business by:

  • offering tips, tools and knowledge that save time, money and hassle, free of charge
  • referring new business from good customers and other services from trusted vendors
  • finding joint venture and strategic alliance partners
  • getting answers to their questions, even ones you don’t – yet
  • connecting them to the right people and networks
  • knowing them as well as possible to increase their depth and range of success
  • answering phones and always being accessible to them
  • following up with the client and providing value far after the purchase
  • resolving all complaints in a responsible and timely manner so they never feel that way again
  • sharing time and knowledge with their staff and even their customers
  • always providing more value than what they paid for
  • making them comfortable trying additional services and taking on all the risk in every purchase they make
  • forwarding stories, information and tools specific to their business for their own education
  • selling them the services that are best for them, not best for your bottom line
  • educating them on the importance of treating their customers the way you do yours
  • delivering on unconditional refunds and competitive written quotes that never go over budget
  • attending their tradeshows, sales and other events to see their business up close and uncover new streams of revenue
  • building products and services they can use on their own for years to come with no future costs
  • learning as much as possible about their business, too

In short, when you work with us, I promise to give you the service you deserve and the services you need.