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Choosing An Author Tip #5

Public SpeakingOne last thing to think about when choosing your blog’s author is how well they may be able to represent your goals outside of the Internet. Your author can have all of the other qualities we have discussed in choosing an author, but if you ever expect a time your blog gets really big, or if your author may come to be expected to represent your company at conventions and expo’s, your author is going to need to have some real life social skills.

Being asked to speak or endorse something can actually happen quicker than you’d imagine. I’ve been asked several times to endorse things for my parenting blog and I’ve even been asked to speak at a book opening party on a book relevant to the topics I write about. If you are passionate and your product, service or information is valuable to your readers, someone, somewhere is going to contact you eventually to make a group appearance, promote a product or in some other way interact with live human beings.

Another thing to consider is that your small business blog author may be asked to give a speech concerning your business or industry. Public speaking is high on the list of”Things I Hate” for most people, so someone with speaking experience, or at minimum the willingness to overcome their fears, might be a good candidate. Your author should also be able to carry themselves in a manner consistent with your brand image. If you are a young, fun company, you don’t want to have an uptight suit doing your public engagements (unless of course that uptight suit is you, in which case it’s ok).

Having good live social skills and public speaking prowess may not be the highest priority in choosing your blog author, but you should at least consider it briefly when going over your candidates. If you have high hopes for your blog, and you should, why not? Your blog has the potential to take your brand to a whole new level. Following many of the guidelines in this series will help. Knowing your audience and being creative and passionate will do much more. Providing quality products, services and information in better ways will practically ensure it. What are you doing? Are you sure? Ask your readers, your clients, your prospects. Then change the things you can to make them happier.

I’m not sure when “not changing” became cool, but I’m glad we don’t live in those times now. I grow and change as a person every single day. Why shouldn’t my business, too? Why wouldn’t you want yours to? Be the best at what you do. Get others that are great at what they do to do the things you aren’t so great at. Market your business. Listen to your clients and prospects. Change. Grow. Raise the expectations you have for your small business blog. If you need blog marketing help, get a partner like Prevail. And a reservation at Toastmasters for your author.

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