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Choosing An Author Tip #3

PassionChoosing an author for your business blog mainly comes down to whether or not they have the time to devote to posting consistently and the level of knowledge they have for your business and industry. But there are some other things you should think about.

When I first started blogging, I did so on Google’s free Blogger platform. The reason for this was because I first wanted to see if I’d enjoy blogging before I spent money on a domain name and hosting package. I ended up enjoying blogging so much, I must have started nearly a dozen different Blogger blogs before I realized it would be to my benefit to take the leap into creating my own blogs from scratch. Because I was so passionate about writing and sharing my ideas and background with others, I knew that blogging was a great platform for me.

The author of your business blog needs to have this passion, as well. Without it, your readers will not believe much of what they have to say and will probably move on to a blog that can offer similar information. Though I have read some blogs by authors that didn’t seem to be passionate about either their job or their topic, I didn’t stay around long. Going through my feed reader, I am hard pressed to find even one blog whose author doesn’t give me the feeling that they eat and breathe blogging and the niche they write about.

One thing about passion is that when you enjoy something, it drives you to keep on through the hard times and to continually learn and improve. Blogging may seem easy from the outside looking in, but once you or your author get into it, you will realize how much time and effort goes into it. Regardless of how much time you have to devote or knowledge you have to share, without the passion to put your blogging near the top of your priorities and keep writing through a range of adversity, it’s going to become obvious to your readers at some point.

Another thing having passion will allow your author to do is keep their personal issues out of their writing. While it’s wise to keep the topics on your business blog restricted to those that cover your business and industry, your author still needs to inject their personality into their writing. It’s a fine line between injecting personality and being too personal, however. Will they be able to remain consistent without their personal issues or agenda seeping into their posts? Can they come to work each day, regardless of which side of the bed they woke up on, and professionally get your business’s message across to your readers?

Your blog’s author is going to be a major part of building your brand and choosing who will be responsible for creating a “human face” for your company should not be taken lightly. If you cannot do it yourself, as the business owner, make sure you know and understand what makes the person you do choose tick. Writing skill is one thing, but without the time, knowledge and passion for getting the job done to your specifications, your blog will sink into the abyss of abandoned blogs that grows each day and potentially cause some serious image problems for your brand.

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