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Choosing An Author Tip #2

In the first part of this series, I talked about the importance of choosing an author for your blog that knows your business inside and out. This may be the best factor in determining your blog’s author, it isn’t the only one that matters. The author of your blog will have a major impact on how the world sees your blog and whether or not they choose to do business with you. A decision of this magnitude should be thought out from as many angles as possible.

Another thing you must think about is the amount of time the person you choose to be your blog’s author has to dedicate to improving your blog’s value. As mentioned before, even if the business owner is the only person that knows your business well enough to write about it, they may not have the time to do so. I frequently find myself short on time to write and take full advantage of writing posts when I have time and scheduling them to post at a future date. Without this feature, there would be no possible way I could maintain the schedule I have created for this blog.

The reason creating a schedule for your blog is so important is that it frees up additional time for your blog’s author and at the same time, keeps your blog on a focused path. Even with these planning procedures in place, however, time is a valuable resource that is so limited for many, that you may not have the time to author your own blog. You may choose to author your blog anyway, and set a limited schedule that you can maintain. You may also choose a senior employee or partner to write for your blog and perhaps publish a post every now and then just to keep a public profile.

If you cannot author your own blog, my best advice would be to find someone close to your company that has the best combination of knowledge about your company and the time to maintain as close to a daily schedule as possible. Ultimately, you want your blog to stand for high-quality information that covers your industry that is updated regularly enough to warrant continued visitation. There are other factors to consider about your blog’s author that will indeed increase your blog’s value, but without someone that can competently fulfill these two needs, your small business blog won’t ever get to a point where they’ll matter.

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