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Businesses That Benefit Most From Blogging

I think just about every business can benefit from blogging, but some will gain far more than others. Below is a look at the types of businesses that we’ve seen benefit most from their blogging activities, many of which are in multiple categories. Which type(s) of company are you?

Communities and Networks: Creating communities and networks around your business requires time and effort, but usually pays off in a big way with brand loyalty. If you are looking to build an interactive community around your products or services, blogging will help.

Education Marketing: Providing all the information a potential client may need to make their own informed decision on a purchase is fast becoming the standard on the internet. If you practice educating the market as part of your sales process, blogging will help.

Human Face: Blogging can break down preconceptions and reveal a human side to earn greater trust in a customer-focused environment. If you feel the public just doesn’t “get you”, blogging will help.

Information Sources: Giving potential clients all the information they could possibly need in a given niche will make you the go-to place on the internet for that type of information. If you have or can offer comprehensive information and resources in your niche, blogging will help.

Partners: Becoming a partner requires more than just selling goods, it requires building a relationship with them over time. If you are more concerned with long-term relationships than amount of clients, blogging will help.

Product/Service Launches: Launching a new product or service involves market research and feedback from potential markets. If you are looking for a large, enthusiastic pool of participants to survey and analyze for upcoming launches, blogging will help.

Public Speaking: Setting up conferences and seminars is a large part of many businesses. This type of networking earns a lot of trust from your target market, and blogging allows numerous ways to communicate with those that attend these events. If you hold events on a regular basis, blogging will help.

Specialist Knowledge: Demonstrating expertise in a niche can help to build a positive reputation and attract potential clients to you. If you feel you have special knowledge and can teach others, blogging will help.

We like to think we are a little bit of each type, and make it a point to help our clients be the same. That’s why we take blogging so serious around here and continually try to innovate around blogging. If you think blogging can help your business, drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help.

And yes, even if it’s only information 😉

Remember, September is business blogging month here at Prevail. Be sure to check back daily for all the information you could ever want about starting and succeeding with your business blog.