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5 FREE Spock Invites

After spending about a week playing around with it, I came away pretty impressed by the smooth user interface and the quality of the search results.  Obviously I searched for myself first, and several results came up due to the fact I have multiple social network accounts.  I then proceeded to search for anyone I could think of, friends, family, even people I haven’t seen in years.  A good 90% of them came back with current results.

For marketing or curiosity, Spock has some good uses.  But as a private citizen, it really made me think about the direction an application like this could be heading.  It’s already legal for employers and others to use your social networking profiles as part of their background searches.  With Spock, unless you used fake names to sign up for your accounts, anyone has instant access to all your profiles. 

My advice would be to get your free invitation, sign up, see what Spock has to say about you, then go and edit the parts you can to put yourself in the best light.  This won’t stop background checkers from going further, but the more buffer you have between you and your social information, the better in my opinion.Leave your comments and I’ll email you an invite.  My one request is that you come back and share some of your invites with anyone that missed out.

Don’t worry, once you register, Spock will give you a healthy amount of invites to do as you please.