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11 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Small Business

Get The Most From Your San Luis Obispo Small Business Website With These WordPress Plugins

In addition to the amazing blogging benefits of using WordPress for your small business needs, there are thousands of free plugins you can use to improve the quality, usability and effectiveness of your business website.  Whatever your needs, there is most likely a free WordPress plugin you can add to your site, and if not, there are tons of affordable alternatives.

The only real problem with WordPress plugins is the overwhelming amount available to you.  Before wading through the long list of free plugins, we’ve put together a list of the 11 most useful plugins for your small business website.  Once you’ve installed the following plugins for your website and had some time to think about some other features you’d like your website to have, you can go back and add the plugins you desire one by one.

  1. All In One SEO Pack – One of the most popular free WordPress plugins of all time, the All in One SEO Pack automatically optimizes your WordPress website for search engines and allows you to customize the titles, descriptions, keywords and other attributes of all of your web pages and posts.
  2. Google XML Sitemap – As the leading search engine on the planet, it’s important to optimize your small business website for Google’s robots and improve their crawl rate.  This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help all major search engines better index your website.
  3. WP-DB Manager – If security is important to you, and it should be, then this plugin is for you.  WP-DB Manager allows you to optimize, repair, backup, restore, and delete your backup databases, as well as drop/empty tables and run selected queries.  in addition, you can schedule automatic backing up and optimizing of your database and have it sent straight to your email.
  4. PollDaddy Polls & Ratings – One surefire way to improve your business is to get feedback straight from your customers.  The PollDaddy Polls & Ratings plugin allows you to create and manage polls and ratings from within your dashboard. You can create polls, choose from 20 different styles for your polls, and view all results for your polls as they come in. All PollDaddy polls are fully customizable, you can set a close date for your poll, create multiple choice polls, choose whether to display the results or keep them private.  Once closed, listen to your customers and be sure to make the appropriate changes to your business.
  5. Add To Any – With the meteoric rise of social networks and tools, and their corresponding importance to your business, it’s vital that you provide your customers the necessary tools to easily share content from your website with their favorite networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg and many more.  The Add To Any plugin helps people share, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using hundreds of the most popular social networking platforms.
  6. Contact Form 7 – One of the most important features of any small business website is the contact form.  Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with just a few clicks. Your forms support Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and much more.
  7. WordPress.com Stats – One of the most powerful tasks any small business can undertake is to view, verify and improve their visitor statistics.  You can have simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server by plugging into WordPress.com’s stat system.  While there are hundreds of alternatives, this plugin combines ease of use, powerful features and fast load times.
  8. Subscribe2 – Allowing your customers and visitors a way to subscribe to your new content is a sure way to keep them up to date with your newest content.  Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for your website that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers immediately after publishing new content.
  9. Yet Another Related Post Plugin – This plugin returns a list of related entries based on a unique algorithm for display on your blog and RSS feeds. A templating feature allows customization and gives readers a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your small business website.
  10. WordPress Mobile – The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your website. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about.
  11. Branded Admin – Branded Admin is a plugin designed to give you the ability to change the Administration section of your website by adding a unique branded (your logo) header and footer.

In addition to the above plugins, WordPress comes installed with Akismet, a plugin designed to reduce and eliminate the amount of spam left on your website.  Perhaps the most important of all WordPress plugins, it was left off this list due to the fact it comes pre-installed with WordPress.

Can you think of some other WordPress plugins that were left off the list that small business owners would benefit from?  Let us know in the comments below.