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10 Reasons To Blog About Your SLO County Small Business

How To Grow Your San Luis Obispo County Small Business Through Blogging

Business blogs are a good choice for both large and small companies.  Most companies already have an online profile, but especially smaller companies are struggling to get visitors, and have serious problems reaching people interested in their field of business.  To overcome this, start a blog and use various ping services to reach out to thousands of readers in San Luis Obispo County, and millions more around the world.

To get you started, here are 10 reasons to convince you to get started on a business blog of your own.

  1. You know your field of business the best – To run a company successfully, you have to know what you’re doing.  Chances are you know your field of business better than most, and you’re maybe even a “guru” on the topic.  Why wouldn’t you share your knowledge? Imagine the benefits of being known as the “guru” in your field locally?
  2. Reach more people – You might already have a news section on your website, but who is reading it besides your existing customers? With a locally-focused blog, it is easier to reach new readers and in time, convert them into new customers.
  3. Let your employees compete – Allow each of your employees think up, develop and create blog posts about your company’s business field too.  Make up contests and let them compete on getting the most comments.  As they do, they’ll write better and better content with your company’s best interests in mind.
  4. Learn while doing – While your employees are competing to get the most comments, let them read each others blog posts and share their tips and tricks with each other.  This is one of the best ways to share inspiration sources, ideas and knowledge. Also, when you write blog posts, some research might be needed – research your employees wouldn’t do if they weren’t writing blog posts.
  5. Coverage – Use your business blog as a tool of communication, not only to your existing customers, but also to potential prospects around San Luis Obispo County. Use your blog to give small hints about new products, to create hype or start rumors and to educate your customers on ways to better use your products and services.  You can also use your blog to get the press interested. More and more blogs are being quoted in newspapers and magazines and are more accepted as a way of communicating than ever before.
  6. Will the idea work? – Are you planning on making your product range bigger or change it’s direction? Blog about your ideas and ask your customers and prospects for valuable feedback before spending your money on things that may not work or be wanted.
  7. Customer relationship – When you get a new customer you always want to do your best to keep that customer.  One way is to build a “personal relationship” with that customer. A blog is the perfect tool for interacting with existing and new customers, and to let them join the debate and give their say about your current product range.  Who knows better about what’s good and what’s bad about your products and services than your customers?
  8. Get the best employees – The more popular your blog gets and the more content it contains, the more you will experience that more people, and often more qualified people, will request a job in your company. In time, you will realize that your blog is one of the best ways possible to attract better employees.
  9. Host your blog on your main website – The best place for your blog is as a subdomain of your current business website, for example yourcompany.com/blog. Over time, more people will read your blog and start linking to it, further increasing your main website’s search engine rankings.
  10. Google loves bloggers – It’s well known that Google loves blogs.  In just a matter of days – and sometimes hours – your new blog posts will be indexed by Google and the other search engines, and often their search engine placements increase rapidly.

If you run a small or large business in San Luis Obispo County, do not neglect the power a blog can have on increasing sales and improving your business.  While there is a time cost to gain these benefits, starting and building a successful blog shouldn’t cost you any money at all, and over time, the benefits are compounded to the point that what you do today will earn you new business many months and even years from now without any extra work on your part.

At a minimum, you should post new content on your blog at least once a week.  The more the better, but the most important thing for you to remember is to create a blogging schedule that you can easily stick to.  Within a few short weeks of maintaining this schedule, you will begin to see some concrete benefits that will only continue to grow over time.